System for remote redouts

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System for remote reading of energy meters



Typical applications

  • Housing units (developers, housing cooperatives)
  • Administrative buildings, hotels, shopping centers
  • Industrial buildings


System structure

The main element of the whole system is the MT14 data concentrator, which provides interconnection between the gauges themselves and the cloud Data centre. The meters communicate most often with the radio link realized by the additional MT-MD-01 receiver. In case of wired connection, all the necessary interfaces are part of the MT14. The connection with the Data centre is done either by Ethernet or GSM (GPRS / 3G / LTE) based modem.


Data concentrator

The MT14 concentrator is an autonomous device containing internal non-volatile memory for temporarily storing the measured values before sending them to the server (Data centre). It is possible to connect up to 64 Wireless M-Bus radio receivers via two RS485 buses. The M-Bus is also available as the wired interface for a gauge connection.

User interface

To access measured data as well as project management, a web application running on ModemTec servers is available. Within each project, project‑admin, consumer, or combined accounts can be created.

  • 24/7 online access to all data from a web browser
  • Display instantaneous consumption of the media, including comparison with the previous period and average
  • Clear graphical representation of consumption for the selected period
  • Separate interfaces for both project-admins and consumers
  • Advanced settings for permissions and roles tied to each user account
  • All data processing/storage in the Data center is fully compliant with GDPR
  • Export to .csv and .pdf formats
  • Available in Czech and English


MT14 – data concentrator*

Power supply230 V ± 10 %; 50 Hz ± 3 %
Power consumptionmax. 20 VA
Interfaces (available by default)3x RS485; Ethernet; USB
Optional extension modulesM-BUS; GSM (GPRS/3G/LTE)
Max. number of MT-MD-01 connected64 (32 per each RS485 bus)
Operation temperature range-20 °C až 70 °C
Dimensions, weight185 x 161 x 110 (mm); 1100 g (2.4 lb)

MT-MD-01 – Wireless M-Bus receiver*

Power supply5 V to 12 V (can be powered from MT14))
Power consumptionmax. 30 mA
Wireless standardWireless M-Bus 868 MHz
Operating temperature range-20 °C až 70 °C
Dimensions, weight75 x 180 x 40 (mm);
approx. 140 g (5 oz)

* In these tables, just a short excerpt of parameters is listed. For a full version of the datasheet, please contact our sales department.