Diagnostic modems for MV grid

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Diagnostic PLC modems

for medium-voltage lines and devices


Key features

  • Designed for lines up to 22 kV
    (35 kV version on request)
  • Up to two independent PLC channels
  • Advances MV Line diagnostics
  • Wide range of interfaces and optional extensions
  • Maximal output power 100 W

Typical applications

  • Remote control of distribution grid elements
  • MV Line diagnostics
  • Generic communication channel (e.g. for industry)
  • Smart grid

MV line diagnostics

The core function of the modem is the comprehensive diagnostics of both medium-voltage lines and connected devices (e.g. transformers). This feature is based on capturing and processing of partial discharges.

Reliable communication channel

The modem utilizes proven G3-PLC standard as the main communication channel. Both manual and automatic adaptation of the PLC channel settings are enabled to achieve optimal speed/robustness ratio under all conditions on the powerline. The auto routing feature allows you to easily create a large network and manage it from single node – network coordinator. Each operation in the network is in accordance with Cyber Security rules (encrypted, authenticated).

Extremely robust PLC standard MTEC offers (thanks to an ultra-narrowband modulation scheme) the ability to communicate at a distance of many tens of kilometers without the use of any repeaters.


The modem is produced in the following variants:

  • MT-MVPLC1 – full-featured modem with advanced diagnostic functionality based on a partial-discharge analysis
  • MT-MVPLC1-S – modem with advanced communication features
  • MT-MVPLC1-R – modem with basic communication features

PLC StandardMTEC (single carrier)
G3-PLC (OFDM)G3-PLC + MTEC (optionally)
Typ. PHY speed10 kbit/sec100 kbit/sec100 kbit/sec
InterfacesRS485RS485, RS232, EthernetRS485, RS232, Ethernet
Remote configuration of each modemnoyesyes
Diagnostic featuresbasic (line integrity, PLC link quality...)basic (line integrity, PLC link quality...)advanced (partial discharge analysis)
Othersuser-selectable carrier frequencyautomatic adaptation to the given MV line, Linux OS, GSM/GPS,...automatic adaptation to the given MV line, Linux OS, GSM/GPS,...

Common MT-MVPLC family parameters*

Power supply230 V ± 10 %; 50 Hz ± 3 %
Output PLC signal amplitude149 dB/µV at RL = 12 Ω
Maximal output power100 W
Input sensitivity1 mV
Integrated protectionsthermal, short, overcurrent
Dimensions, weight400 x 500 x 155 mm (W x H x D)
approx. 10 kg (22 lb)
Cabinetmetal, lockable, IP65 protection

* In this table, just a short excerpt of parameters is listed. Please contact us for a full datasheet.