ModemTec s.r.o. deals with a development and production of communication equipment over existing medium or low voltage power distribution systems (PLC – Powerline Communication). This equipment belongs, according to available nowadays sources, to the most advanced technologies in the field of narrow-band communication in existing power distribution networks reliably working within a distance of several kilometers. Wide application variability enables to offer to customers a tailor-made solutions.


The company develops, manufactures and supplies solutions for the diagnosis of medium voltage lines and modems for communication via an existing MV/LV voltage distribution system. Last but not least, it also offers a comprehensive system for monitoring of both electric and non-electric energy consumption.

MV diagnostics

diagnostics of medium-voltage power lines

MV communication

robust comunication over medium-voltage power lines

Communication via 230/400 V grid

reliable data link over current distribution network targeted on home and industrial automation

Remote reading of energy meters

Complete system (both SW and HW) for remote monitoring of consumptions in buildings